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Sell Your Note

Do you want LUMP SUM CASH TODAY from your Note instead of the small payments you now receive? Nationwide Secured Capital invests in notes nationwide and will purchase your 1st lien promissory note, land contract, mortgage or deed of trust for CASH at top market prices. We can provide you expert information to care for you note, complimentary note appraisal and alternatives that you'll need to decide whether to sell your real estate or business Note. Click here for a free note appraisal now.

If you now have a better use for the money you loaned and want to sell your Note for fast, lump sum CASH, we will purchase your Note at maximum market pricing quickly and reliably. Our professional staff will expertly assist you with all steps of the sales process. And we deliver cash at closing in as little 3 business days after all documents are in order. Click here to begin evaluation of your note for a LUMP SUM CASH offer.

Our underwriters evaluate and purchase millions of dollars of Notes each year and will value your Note at the maximum possible price. Click here to begin the process of evaluating your Note for a maximum cash purchase offer today!

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Our Services

Nationwide Secured Capital's mission and only business is assisting Note holders to attain and maintain maximum cash value for the Notes (or loans) they create, hold or wish to sell. We work directly with note owners, or with note brokers/note finders (click here to register), and legal/accounting/real estate professionals that represent noteholders.

Our buying groups purchase hundreds of millions of dollars of private seller financed Notes every year, including those with defaulted payments. We also serve banks and other lenders as a direct buyer of defaulted real estate loan portfolios into a $1 Billion private investment fund in New York, Our fund purchases portfolios of non-performing, "scratch and dent" and subprime product up to $100MM, thereby providing quick restoration of working capital to lenders.

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Learn About Notes
How to sell your house FASTER in a slow market

Do you need to sell your house quickly in a slowing housing market? Nationwide Secured Capital has a solution that enables your house to have greater appeal to more buyers, and to get it sold quickly for maximum price!

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Create your Business Note for MAXIMUM value

Do you know how to structure your business sale with seller financing so that your note has maximum resale value?

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About Us

Nationwide Secured Capital is a team of dedicated experts in the field of promissory note investments. You will not find a faster, more professional or higher integrity experience around Note expertise or valuation and sale of your Note than with us.

Our business philosophy is to create "win-win" business relationships and results. We believe in giving to receive and we share our considerable expertise to enable our Clients to maximize the value of their assets.

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