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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I sell my house faster?

A: Do you need to sell your house quickly in a slowing housing market? Nationwide Secured Capital has a solution that enables your house to have greater appeal to more buyers, and to get it sold quickly for maximum price! Click here to find out more.


Q: How do I create and sell my Business Note?

A: Do you know how to structure your business sale with seller financing so that your note has maximum resale value? Click here to find out more.


Q: How do I sell my mortgage note?

A: The answer is simple - find a company like Nationwide Secured Capital that invests in mortgage notes and provides professional and knowledgeable service. NSC takes the time to carefully evaluate your note before making our offers and makes a point of making top of market offers that are firm and reliable with no hidden charges. 

We will take care of the entire process of purchasing your note - and will close at a title and escrow company, where possible,  the same one  you used to close your sale of the property.  You can start to process of evaluating your note, and receiving one of our top of market offers by clicking here.  

There are many novice brokers and a few disreputable brokers/buyers who will throw out high numbers without complete information and then will later cancel or  cut their offer as information is gathered after they sign you up - and sometimes just as you are about to close and receive your cash.  

NSC provides a welcome high integrity solution - in that we know our business well, do our homework up front and provide you with solid offers that will make it to closing - upon which you can make sound decisions.  We are proud to have one of the highest close ratios for completing purchases in the industry.


Q: How do I sell my deed of trust note or contract?

A: You can sell a trust deed note of a contract just like a mortgage. 

Trust deed notes and mortgage notes are very similiar - see the answer immediately above.

Selling a land contract / wrap mortgage / contract for deed / agreement for deed to a reputable buyer like Nationwide Secured Capital is also possible. 

We sometimes will buy and hold the original contract, but often the contract will be converted to a standard note and mortgage or deed of trust at the time we purchase.  This is a benefit for the borrower who receives title to the property and additional protections if a default occurs.   Nationwide Secured Capital provides this conversion service at no charge to you or the borrower.


Q: What do I need to know about mortgage note buyers and real estate note buyers?

A: True "buyers" invest their own money, or money managed by their company in purchase of mortgage notes in order to receive a steady stream of income with a high degree of security against loss of the money invested.   All  true "buyers"/investors follow a very similar process for due diligence on a mortgage loan that is being purchased. 

There are a limited number of true "buyers" in the market - but there are thousands and thousands of brokers because in most states no licensing or regulated training that applies to these brokers.   If you are working with a broker you need to be sure they are experienced, honest and fair -  they are a middleman and will take a fee.

Investors will sometimes favor certain locations or property types for purchase of their loan investments. In the current market all investors will only buy 1st lien loans.  And all investors will review credit of the borrower as part of due diligence - many have minium scores required, and will not buy notes for borrowers with  bankruptcy, foreclosure or mortgage late payments on record. 

Nationwide Secured Capital purchases a very broad range of  property types, in all 50 states, and  does make purchases below normal minimum credit standards where the facts merit.  We also keep abreast of what other investors are offering for various types of notes, and we generally make the highest offers available in the market for your note. 


Q: Do you buy other cash flows - lottery or gambling winnings, life settlements, etc.?

A: Nationwide Secured Capital purchases a very broad range of  cash flow types that are payments from well known, reputable nationally rated companies or rated government agencies, across all 50 states. We buy these to our own holdings and a handful private investors who prefer these particular investments.   We generally make the highest offers available in the market for your cash flow.


Q: What do I need to know about business note buyers?

A: Business notes are a riskier investment than real estate notes. A business can fail, and become worthless almost instantly. 

As a result standards are stricter and  somewhat lower prices are paid for business note investments, due to the higher risks.   If you haven't yet created your note, make sure to obtain our article with guidelines from the FAQ above -  How do I create and sell my Business Note?

Business note investors  require a 30% cash down payment in most cases.  Buyer of the business/borrower must personally guarantee the note which is in first position against all income and assets of the business andthe  credit scores of the borrower must be 650 or higher.

The business must be doing as well or better than when you owned it before the sale.  You must have a good relationship with the  new owner, sufficient to obtain bookeeping information to prove the current operation of the business if we enter into an agreement to purchase. 

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